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Quoting Health Insurance On Is Easy

Go to the tab that says “Instant On Line Quote.”
Then enter your zip code and the type of insurance you’re interested in. (The zip code is required because pricing is based in part on one’s zip code).

Your choices for insurance types are:

*Individual and family plans, ages 19-64
*Child-only plans, ages 0-18 (Note: the only child-only coverage currently available for ages 0-18 is short-term coverage—good up to six months—from one carrier, Time Assurant, or, if the applicant is at least18 years old, regular individual plans from BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona. The other carriers offer coverage for children 19 and older.)
*Senior plans (in this case, Medicare supplement plans) for ages 65 or older.
Next you will be asked to enter your demographic information. This includes your name (first and last), e-mail address, and daytime phone number. (Sometimes site visitors fudge on entering one or the other, afraid that they will open the doors to telemarketing calls. Our business philosophy is that we don’t make unsolicited phone calls. If you need to call us, we are here to answer any questions you might have. We do e-mail a proposal with a selected number of plans based on your demographic information to give you some options based on our knowledge of the plans and coverage. That’s why it’s important to enter your correct e-mail address).

You will also need to enter your gender (male, female); your age or date of birth, and whether or not you’re a tobacco user (in any form) or whether or not you’re a  full-time student.

The same information needs to be entered for other family members, including your spouse, and child or children, if relevant,. (Currently long-term partners cannot be covered under a family plan and must apply for individual coverage).

The quote template will ask you which month you want to start your coverage in. Remember that carriers will not start coverage more than sixty days out.

A list of plans will pop up that you can sort by company name, plan type, deductibles and premium.

Each plan is in a  box that gives you the basic information on a respective plan, as to type, deductible, the cost of a doctor visit (if applicable), the co-pay for inpatient hospitalsl, maternity (currently not offered with our carriers, except for one HMO from HealthNet) and the prescription benefit (“dscnt” means a discount card as opposed to a true prescription drub plan).

The grid will post the plan from the lowest premiums to the highest premium. It will give you the type of plan—PPO, HSA or HMO and the amount of the deductible (the amount you have to pay before the insurance pays anything). Also it will give you the co-pay percentage that you pay when you go into the hospital after you’ve met the deductible, and the out-of-pocket maximum (OOP).
You can compare plans by clicking the “Check to compare” plan for this plan and other plans; view the “details” of this plan by clicking the “View details” box; and “View provider network” by clicking on that tab. If a plan is designated a “Top Pick,” that means it is a popular plan for that carrier.

You can also view similar plans by clicking on the “View Similar Plans” tab.

Lastly, the quote will allow you to apply on line by clicking the “Apply Now” tab.

You can run your Arizona Health Quote here to view rates and plans side by side from the major carriers...Free.

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Countless Arizona Families
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