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Why Arizona Health Insurance Agents Are Regulated

States have the power to regulate insurance brokers and agents. This is because the insurance business is basically one of trust.  Arizona nsurance agents are not dealing with a tangible product when they sell an insurance policy. A insurance policy is not like a used car where you can kick the tires and look under the hood.  It is a formal agreement between the insurance carrier and the client that the carrier will cover certain health-related services after the client has paid monthly premiums in exchange for the coverage The  independent agent acts as an intermediary between the individual client and the much larger insurance carrier, hopefully to find the best policy at the best price for the client so his or her insurance needs are met.

As in many other professions, the Arizona health insurance agent has to meet certain requirements set by the state in order to be able to sell insurance. These requirements can change or vary over time, but the ultimate goal is to make sure that the agent meets generally understood standards so the consumer is protected from the acts of unprofessional or unscrupulous agents. Unfortunately, since there is always a human factor  involved, invariably there will be a very small minority of agents who will try to take advantage of buyers for personal gain. Because he state regulates the health insurance profession, there are formal mechanisms in place to address any problems that may arise.

Because states require the agent to take a course or courses in order to become licensed, and pass an assessment at the end of the course, and because there is an annual requirement for continuing education to review proper procedures and become aware changes, expectations for honest, ethical and proper business practices by the agent are clearly spelled out.

All states now have an insurance web site where the consumer can go to find out more about the individual agent or his insurance brokerage Information about his or her license is always available on the site. The consumer can learn the agent's license number, and how long he or she has had the license. If the agent has had complaints filed against her or him, these complaints and their resolution are recorded on the site.

The web address for the Arizona's health insurance site is On the site, the consumer will be able to verify that an agent's license is current, ask questions about an individual agent or an insurance company; file a complaint; report someone who is filing fraudulent claims; as well as getting general information about life and health insurance, among other things.

Because health insurance is necessary for the well-being and peace of mind of the consumer, it is important that state regulators set the perimeters for its sale and implementation. This  is good for the consumer, but also good for the agent, since he or she can safely sell products knowing that the government has made it more difficult for unprofessional agents  to confuse and take advantage of the buyer.



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