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There are two basic directions for Student health insurance in Arizona.  A student can enroll in an individual long term policy which can still be cancelled month to month.  A student can also opt for Short term coverage.  For student medical insurance in Arizona, there pro's and con's to both options.  You can either get your instant health quote for student health insurance on the right or find more information below.

Key points for student health insurance in arizona

Student health insurance options.   There are advantages to both options:

1.  Long Term policy  This option in more involved to apply for but you can renew it month to month until they turn 65.  Long term health insurance offers better coverage for preventative issues and pre-existing conditions.  There are also more options in terms of what kind of benefits are available. 

2.  Short Term policy These options are easier to qualify for and enroll but the coverage will terminate after a certain period of time.  This option should only be used if you are certain that your need for health insurance will not extend beyond the term of the policy.  If health changes while on the plan, it may be difficult to qualify for other coverage.  Short Term typically does not cover preventative services, maternity, or pre-existing conditions.  You can find more detail on short term health insurance here.

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